Cool Bananas loves to make positive lasting impressions in young people lives and we want to spread the word about what we do.  
From June 10th-16th, for an entire week, we invite YOU to take part in our Bizarre Bow Challenge, by wearing a BIG BIZARRE BOW of your choosing and asking people to sponsor you to do it! 
All you need to do is find or make a BIZARRE BOW, wear it for a week and get people to sponsor you to do it.  Easy right? 
Here’s the deets:  
  • Find a bizarre bow and ask people to sponsor you to wear it. 
  • Wear your Bizarre Bow between the hours of 7am and 7pm for the week of June 10th-16th.
  • Collect up your pledged money and give it to Cool Bananas. 


If people ask WHY you are wearing a Bizarre Bow, you can tell them: ‘I’m helping Cool Bananas bring a positive lasting impression to kids’.  If they want to know more about what we do, you can give them our details.


Register to be a challenge participant and we will send you everything you need. 

Download your Challenge Pack and get going


What you will find in the Challenge pack

  • Timeline
  • Social Media Images
  • Sponsor Form
  • Info Sheet 

REGISTER for the Bizarre Bow Challenge 

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SPONSOR Someone doing the Challenge

If you would like to sponsor somebody to take part in the Bizarre Bow Challenge, please enter your details below along with what you would like to pledge.  The week following the challenge your sponsored person will contact you to collect payment.