Join Lyds, Liam, and the Cool Bananas team in a short but epic interactive, 2-day, virtual, Christian camp experience. The camp will be full of games, activities, tutorials, stories, challenges, teaching, and adventure that can be accessed from a device anywhere in NZ.

Camp Details

Coming Up:

April 2022 School Holidays
Repeat program of October 2021

Cost: $20 per device login
Session Times: 1pm & 6.30pm // 9.30am
Spaces Available: 25 device logins (Max 3 children per device)
Age: Recommended for kids aged 7-12


How does it work?

Campers will login to a private virtual meeting hosted by Cool Bananas online via Zoom, along with other kid campers, and our trusted Cool Bananas presenters and moderators at the helm.

The camp will consist of three live interactive sessions. The duration of each session will be 1hr 30mins.

Between sessions kids will be given ideas for self managed activities so that they can remain entertained and continue their camp experience even when not online.

Camper Feedback 

 10/10 “I LOVED IT!!” - Simeon


 10/10 “It was Awesome!!” - Richmond

 10/10 “Enjoyed all of it!” - Pheobe




Campers will be lead through self-managed activities and content so caregivers can leave them to it and get on with other tasks.

  • Interactive stories

  • Scavenger hunts

  • Getting active

  • Competitions

  • Build and create awesome things

  • Imaginative play

  • Learn positive values

  • Dress up

  • And More

Being a virtual camp, screen time will be required, but that does not mean your child will be stuck there. Our focus is to keep young bodies active, moving, and exploring their surroundings while learning tools to help them thrive. We aim to give kids an as authentic camp experience as we can from their own homes.




What do you mean by Christian camp?

The Cool Bananas Nanocamp is open to children of all backgrounds, beliefs, and world views.

Cool Bananas is an organisation of Christian faith origin, meaning that the values shared in our programs are inspired by positive Christian teaching that promotes human well-being.

Though it is not the case with all content we provide, this camp does contain references to Bible scriptures and Bible figures such as God and Jesus, at an age appropriate level.

Themes such as the devil, hell, and sin will not be mentioned or discussed in this event.

An indication of Christian content is included in the Cool Bananas Nanocamp Schedule document


Will my child be safe online?

The live sessions are hosted privately, are password protected, and campers are the only ones who have access.

An offical Cool Bananas Zoom Account is used to host the event.

Clear rules and code of conduct will be communicated to all campers and any breach of these will be managed accordingly.

For the duration of all sessions there will be a dedicated moderator who will monitor for any breach of rules/conduct.

Caregivers are able to be present, listen in, and even participate if they would like.


If I have more than one child do I need to pay the fee for each of them?

No, the fee is not per child, but per device logged in. Multiple children can gather around and share a single device and experience the camp.


Does a caregiver need to supervise?

No, you do not need to actively supervise, but caregivers will need to remain on location to ensure their campers are safe.

The sessions are designed so that campers can manage themselves and caregivers can be free to go about their tasks for that time.

There will be no activities that absolutely require campers to be assisted by an adult.


My child is outside of the recommended age can they still attend?

We recommend an age of 7-12 as this age range is usually the age where children are more capable of managing themselves. This age range is generally able to actively engage with this type of resource for a prolonged period without becoming disinterested.

Younger users can also struggle with conducting themselves in a manner that does not distract other users.

For these reasons we have restricted the age of a camper, however if you think your child is capable of managing the level of content we provide and would respond positively, then we are open to having a discussion. Contact Us

We understand that it is likely younger siblings will want to attend and we want to work with you in making that happen.


What technology is needed?

Device with a camera and microphone access.

Because the sessions are designed to be interactive and connect children into the action, it is highly recommended that campers are able to be seen and heard on video, this means that campers require access to a device with a camera and microphone setup, which most devices have built in.

Campers will need access to a FREE Zoom account to join in, we recommend that this be a Parent/Gaurdian managed account. An account be created for free at


What if my internet stops working and I can’t attend?

This will be assessed on a case by case basis.

If a campers internet stops working for a prolonged period of time, that substantially degrades their experience or they are unable to join in on a significant portion of a session, a refund will be given according to the inconvenience experienced.