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It can be concerning when we’re asked a question and our mind goes blank, or when we’re asked for our opinion but we’re not really sure what it is. When we’re not sure what we are thinking, it’s helpful to take the time to become aware of what is happening inside our mind. Through this topic we ‘find our mind’ and become self aware of our character, feelings, and thoughts.

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KEYWORDS: Self Awareness. Mind. Thoughts. Thinking. Finding our thoughts. Taking time to think. What do I know? What do I remember? What do I believe? Character. Mind blank. Confused. Foggy. Not sure. Become aware. Find your mind - Whāia e koe te mātauranga (chase or follow knowledge).


RUNTIME: 3min 33sec

THEMES: Public speaking, Explaining yourself, Distracting environment, Foggy brain, Collecting thoughts

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In this POP, Thrive looks at some scenarios where we are not sure what we are thinking and can struggle with self-awareness, such as being asked a question in class, explaining to an adult why you were fighting or struggling when there is lots of noise and movement.

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RUNTIME: 4min 09sec

THEMES: Too many thoughts, Find Your Mind, Whaia e koe te matauranga, Interact, Communicate

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‘Find your Mind’. Are you ever not sure what you are thinking? In this POP, Lyds teaches us how we can find our thoughts. -Pause -What do you know for a fact? -What do you remember? -What do you believe?



THEMES: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Hauora, You, Principles, Ethics


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In STEMHYPE we combine Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with Hauora, You, Principles, and Ethics; to build cool things that remind us of valuable ways to solve problems and thrive in life.


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