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Have you ever been in a situation where you haven’t felt heard?
Whenever we feel unheard, it is helpful to realise that we have a story. 
Your story is yours. It’s powerful and important. Learn how to share it with others.

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KEY WORDS: Communication. Sharing information. Unheard. Ignored. Increasing understanding. Story. Clear and confident. Retell. My story is important - Mauria te pono (believe in yourself).


RUNTIME: 2min 38sec

THEMES: Telling your story, Accusations, Blame, Conflict, Sides of the story

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In this POP, Thrive looks at some scenarios where we could struggle to communicate with those around us - such as fighting with a friend, getting mistaken for being the trouble maker and being cut off when trying to talk.

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RUNTIME: 4min 58sec

THEMES: Unable to share, Your experience, Mauria te pono, My Story is Important

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‘My Story is Important’. Have you ever felt unheard? In this POP, Lyds gives us some tips on how we can communicate our story. -Who is in your story? -What was the setting? -What happened? -How did you feel?


RUNTIME: 4min 36sec

THEMES: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Hauora, You, Principles, Ethics

In STEMHYPE we combine Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with Hauora, You, Principles, and Ethics; to build cool things that remind us of valuable ways to solve problems and thrive in life.


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