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Problem: It’s unfair that others get special treatment! When things feel unfair, it’s helpful to recognise and consider that not everyone has the same needs.

KEYWORDS: Consider. Aware. Needs. Unfair. Recognise. Why do they? Thoughtful. Sensitivity towards others. Special treatment. Missing out. Others needs. Needs vs wants. Perspective. Considerate. Consideration. Consider others needs. Tiakina ngā tāngata (taking care of people).

Mashy GFX

RUNTIME: 3min 39sec

THEMES: Unfair, frustration, wanting things, anger at others, understanding.


Chat Prompts

In this POP, Kyle looks at some scenarios where we struggle with seeing others get what we want, such as a sibling getting a new pair of shoes, someone in class getting extra attention from the teacher, and others eating their favourite food.

Catch Phrase POP

RUNTIME: 3min 24sec

THEMES: Sensitivity towards others, Consider others needs, Tiakina ngā tāngata (taking care of people).

Chat Prompts

‘Consider Others Needs’
Do you have times where you feel like others get everything they want and you don't? In this POP, Lydia helps us to consider the needs of other.
-Stop and consider why
-Show thoughtfulness and sensitivity






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