Problem: I’m struggling to be positive. When we find it hard to be positive, we can reflect upon a time that makes us smile and find a sense of gratitude.

KEYWORDS: Gratitude. Grateful. Thankful. Positive outlook. Reflection. Remember. Feeling appreciation. Struggling to be positive. Find a sense of gratitude. Belief for the future. Hope. Lens of gratitude. Reflect and smile - Hurihia tōu aroaro ki te rā (turn your face towards the sun).

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RUNTIME: 1min 58sec

THEMES: Negative frame of mind, Feeling down, flat, stuck, Appreciation, 
Acknowledge what you have.

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In this POP, Liam looks at some scenarios where we can struggle to find a sense of gratitude, such as waking up in a negative mood, mind blanking on things to be thankful for, or feeling like everything is grey.

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RUNTIME: 4min 28sec

THEMES: Bad day, Reflect and smile, Hurihia tōu aroaro ki te rā,
Remembering, Hope. 

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‘Reflect and Smile’
Have you ever struggled to be positive? In this POP, Lydia gives us tips on how we can find a sense of gratitude.
-Remember what makes you smile.
-Remind yourself of a fact.
-Look ahead to the future.


RUNTIME: 5min 20sec

THEMES: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Hauora, You, Principles, Ethics


In STEMHYPE we combine Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with Hauora, You, Principles, and Ethics; to build cool things that remind us of valuable ways to solve problems and thrive in life.


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