Problem: I struggle to understand why some people do what they do. When we don’t understand other people’s behaviour, it helps to find out their story to see their perspective.

KEYWORDS: Understanding. Other’s story. Struggle to understand. Looking at something in a different way. Put yourself in their shoes. Listening to other’s story. Gain insight. Seeing situations differently. Seeking to understand. Compassion.  Everyone has a story - Aroha ki te tāngata, Ahakoa ko wai te  tāngata (Love people, in spite of who they are).

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RUNTIME: 1min 51sec

THEMES: Different opinions, responses, Perspective, Learning other people’s story


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In this POP, Liam looks at some scenarios where we can struggle to understand people’s perspective, such as your friend not wanting to go on a ride at an amusement park, your sibling getting upset and walking off, and people protesting.

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RUNTIME: 4min 42sec

THEMES: Confusion about others, Understanding others, Everyone has a story, Aroha ki te tāngata, Ahakoa ko wai te tāngata.

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‘Everyone has a story’
Have you ever wondered why some people do what they do? In this POP, Lydia helps us to understand other people's perspectives.
-Ask yourself, ‘What are your thoughts?’
-Imagine yourself in their shoes


RUNTIME: 5min 50sec

THEMES: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Hauora, You, Principles, Ethics

In STEMHYPE we combine Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics with Hauora, You, Principles, and Ethics; to build cool things that remind us of valuable ways to solve problems and thrive in life.


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