Our programmes exist to reinforce acceptable standards and values that build a positive culture at home and at school.

Kids need a vision of what they could become and we help them to achieve this by offering them informed choices and proven principles to live by.

Todays kids need guides (positive role models) not just information to make their lives successful.

We offer a half hour programme with a team of trained presenters (2 or more). This is a free service that we offer our primary school community.

We currently partner with 16 schools in the Tauranga areas and 4 in Dargaville.

Our programmes are interactive, visual and fun with creative use of multimedia.

Our programme is geared  to a large group presentation style, two or more classes or a  whole syndicate in an assembly type situation, and is differentiated to cater  for the various  ages.

Each programme is fun, exciting and challenging.

The content of each session fits into the schools values curriculum.  Each session incorporates at least one of the eight values (exellence, innovation, enquiry, curiosity, equity, community, participation and respect) from the NZ curriculum.

The values and standards we teach are from a Christian foundation and are recognized by C.E.C (Christian Education Commission) of New Zealand.