25 Creative Games For Kids Groups (1st Edition)

$20.00 exc GST

These 25 creative games make use of everyday objects you will probably find laying around your house or at least whip up in a matter of minutes.

Excite and engage any group of children with these fun simple to set up games.       

  • Bucket Games
  • Tube and Ball Games
  • M&M Games
  • Musical McDuckies and more


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We have 4 years worth of curriculum available. Each edition comes loaded on 2 USB sticks with illustrated pdfs for each term, step-by-step instructions and presentation media (Keynote & Powerpoint files).

Please email us here if you are interested in purchasing any of our curriculums. 

Tahi is currently only available in hard copy, with an illustrated books and media CDs. 





Our curriculum is designed for large group presentations in NZ Primary Schools for kids 5 - 11yrs

Our present Curriculum has been successfully used by our teams for the past 7 years in all our School programs so has been well field tested. The Schools we attend are of various sizes, cultures and decile ratings.

It is written with the key competencies and values of the New Zealand School Curriculum in mind.

Our lessons enhance what the schools teach and work in partnership to deliver a quality values program.

Each lesson is designed to be presented by a team of 2 or more. A team approach provides variety, creativity, holds the attention of the kids and helps with classroom control. Lesson presentations make good use of visual aids, Power-points via a data projector and music. They are packed with stories, games, interaction, all of which are designed to challenge and inspire kids to excel.